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Non-Veg Starters

Chicken Tikka(GF) £6.99

(Marinated chicken pieces cooked in clay oven)

Malai Tikka(GF) £6.99

(Chicken pieces cooked in clay oven, after marinating in mild sauce)

Seekh Kebab (DF, GF) £5.99

(Marinated mincemeat cooked in clay oven)

Meat Samosa(GF) £4.99

(Deep fried stuffed triangular pastry)

Meen Varuthathu(DF, GF) £6.99

(Fish fillet marinated and shallow fried)

Chicken Sixty-Five (GF) £5.99

(Chicken breast marinated in a spicy mix, deep fried)

Chicken Perattu(DF, GF) (On the Bone) £6.99

(Thick spicy chicken dish – Onions, ginger, garlic & turmeric)

Mutton Chukka (DF, GF) (On the Bone) £5.99

(Slow cooked on the bone mutton with Kerala spices stir fried)

Seafood Surprise (DF, GF) £8.99

(Surprise starter with fish and prawns)

Chemeen Varuval(GF) £9.99

(Prawns prepared after marinating in a special spice blend)

Veg Starters

Varuval(V, DF, GF) £5.99

(Cauliflower & Broccoli marinated using lentil flour and other chef’s special spice mix)

Uzhunnu Vada (Medhu Vada)(V, DF, GF) £3.99

(Delicious golden fried savoury doughnuts made of lentils)

Parippu vada(V, DF, GF) £3.99

Veg Samosa(V, DF) £4.99

(Triangular shaped pastry stuffed with vegetable mash)

Paneer Roast(V, GF) £6.99

(Marinated Indian Cottage Cheese cooked in a griddle)

Onion Bhaji(V, DF, GF) £3.99

(Sliced onions marinated using gram flour)

Sambar Vada(V, DF, GF) £3.99

(Medhu vada /uzhunnu vada soaked in sambar sauce)

Rasavada(V, DF, GF) £3.99

(Parippu vada soaked in rasam)

Mushroom Pakkoda(V, DF, GF) £5.99

(Fresh mushroom chunks marinated and fried)

Bonda (V, DF, GF)£ £4.99

(Lightly spiced mashed potato balls, coated with special batter and fried)

Pre meal snacks and Appetisers

Pickle Tray & Pappadom Basket(V) £3.50

(Traditional pickles & dips served with Basket of crispy Pappadoms)

Rasam(V, DF, GF) £3.50

(Spicy broth with tomatoes, herbs & Kerala spices)

Chicken & Curry Leaf Soup(DF, GF £4.50

(Tender chicken, curry leaves, black pepper, green chilli & other spices)

Mushroom Soup(V, DF, GF) £3.99

(Fresh mushrooms, curry leaves, black pepper & other spices)

Curry Leaf Soup(V, DF, GF) £3.99

(Broth with curry leaves, black pepper & green chilli)

Prawn & Curry Leaf Soup(DF, GF) £4.50

(Prawns, curry leaves, black pepper, green chilli)

Main Course

Kathrikka Thiyal (V, DF, GF) £8.99

(Aubergine curry made using tamarind & roasted coconut paste)

Mushroom Koottan(V, DF, GF) £8.99

(Fresh mushrooms, turmeric & South Indian spices)

Egg Curry(DF, GF) £7.99

(Curry made using hard boiled eggs, onions & ginger)

Chicken Tikka Masala(GF) £9.99

(The Nation’s favourite, prepared using tomatoes, tropical herbs & cashew nuts)

Chicken Korma(GF) £10.99

(Mild chicken curry made using cashew nuts and almond paste)

Travancore Chicken Curry (On the Bone) £8.49

(Boiled potatoes, turmeric, ginger, garlic & other herbs)

Kerala Lamb(GF) £11.99

(Slow cooked lamb/mutton curry made using various spices)

Keema Curry(DF, GF) £9.99

(Curry made using mincemeat & various other spices)

Travancore Mutton Curry(DF, GF) £10.99

(Boiled potatoes, turmeric, ginger, garlic & other herbs)

Kerala Fish Curry(DF, GF) £12.99

(Spicy fish curry flavoured with tamarind & traditional spices)

Nadan Konju Curry(DF, GF) £13.99

(Prawn curry – onions, ginger, turmeric, tamarind & other spices)

Vendakka Masala (V, DF, GF) £8.99

(Thick curry made using Okra (bindi), herbs & spices)

Dhal & Spinach Curry (V, DF, GF) £7.50

(Lentils, spinach, garlic, cumin & other mild spices)

Paneer Masala(V, GF) £8.99

(Thick curry made using cubes of Indian cottage cheese)

Kerala Chicken Curry(DF, GF) £9.49

(Delicious Chicken curry – Turmeric, ginger, garlic & other herbs)

Cheera Chicken(GF) £9.99

(Chicken curry made using spinach, herbs and spices)

Lamb Korma(GF) £12.99

(Mild slow cooked lamb/mutton curry made using cashew nuts and almond paste)

Cheera Lamb(GF) £12.49

(Lamb/mutton curry made using spinach and other herbs & spices)

Lamb Ularthiyathu(GF) £12.99

(Stir-fried slow cooked lamb pieces marinated using chef’s special spice mix)

Fish Mollie(GF) £13.99

(This mild tangy fish curry is made with Kerala herbs & cocum)

Meen Koottan(DF, GF) £12.99

(Thick fish curry flavoured with cocum, coconut, tamarind & traditional spices)

Chemeen Masala(GF) £13.99

(Prawns, onions, cocum, cinnamon, fennel seeds and other herbs & spices)

Malabar Biryani

Chicken Biryani(GF) £10.99

Chicken Dum Biryani(GF) (With Bone) £9.99

Lamb Biryani(GF) £11.99

Mutton Dum Biryani(GF) (With Bone) £9.99

Indian Breads

Kerala Porotta (1 pcs) £1.95

Its a layered flatbread.

Kal-appam (1 pcs) £1.50

Pancake made using rice and coconut milk

Cheese Naan (V) £3.50

Bread stuffed with cheese, cooked in clay oven

Butter Naan(V) £2.95

Butter brushed on top of traditionally cooked bread in clay oven.


Keema Rice(V, DF, GF) £ £4.99

Coconut Rice(V, DF, GF) £3.49

Lemon Rice(V, DF, GF) £3.49

Mushroom Rice(V, DF, GF) £3.99

Chicken fried Rice(V, DF, GF) £5.99

Pilau Rice(V, DF, GF) £3.49

Plain Rice(V, DF, GF) £2.49

Thali Meals

Vegan Thali(V, DF, GF) £13.99

Lamb Thali( DF, GF) £15.99

Chicken Thali(DF, GF) £14.99

Fish Thali(DF, GF) £16.99

South Indian Specials

Topi Dosa(V, DF, GF) £5.99

(Cone shaped dosa – rice & lentil crepe served with dips)

Masala Dosa(V, DF, GF) £6.50

(India’s most famous dosa stuffed with lightly spiced potato mash)

Ghee Masala Dosa(V, DF, GF) £6.99

(This ghee roast is stuffed with lightly spiced potato mash)

Mix Uthappam(V, DF, GF) £6.99

(Chunky dosa topped with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers etc.)

Poori Masala (V, DF, GF) £6.99

(Deep fried chapathies served with lightly spiced potato mash)

Lamb Masala Dosa(DF, GF) £8.99

(Masala dosa stuffed with cooked tender lamb & potato mix)

Idly Sambar(V, DF, GF) £6.99

(Steam cooked cakes made using rice and lentil served with sambar)

Ghee Roast(V, DF, GF) £6.50

(This thin crispy dosa is brushed with clarified butter)

Egg Dosa(V, DF, GF) £6.99

(Egg omelette topped on Plain dosa served with sambar & dips)

Mushroom Uthappam(V, DF, GF) £6.99

(Chunky dosa topped with onions & mushrooms)

Chicken Masala Dosa(DF, GF) £8.50

(Masala dosa stuffed with chicken & potato mix)

Prawn Masala Dosa(DF, GF) £8.99

(Masala dosa stuffed with prawns & potato mix)

Side Dishes

Cabbage & Beetroot Thoran(V, DF, GF) £4.99

(Grated cabbage & beetroot stir-fried using turmeric & coconut)

Sambar(V, DF, GF) £5.99

(Vegetables & lentils cooked in a tamarind based sauce)

Saag Aloo(V, DF, GF) £4.99

(Potatoes stir-fried along with spinach and spices)

Parippu Curry(V, DF, GF) £4.99

(Lentils are used to cook this popular Indian curry)

Mushroom Thoran(V, DF, GF) £4.99

(Fresh mushrooms sautéed using turmeric, grated coconut & onions)

Kadala Masala(V, DF, GF) £5.99

(Thick chickpea curry made using onions & other herbs)

Green Salad(V, DF, GF) £2.99

(Fresh green salad with various vegetables, including micro green)

Prawn Salad( DF, GF ) £4.99

(Cooked prawns topped on green salad)

Lunch Specials

Aubergine Curry Thali(V, DF, GF) £7.99

Paneer Masala Thali(V, GF) £7.99

Chicken Korma Thali(DF, GF) £8.99

Lamb Korma Thali(DF, GF) £8.99

Fish Curry Thali(DF, GF) £9.99

Okra Curry Thali(V, DF, GF) £7.99

Malabar Chicken Thali(DF, GF) £8.99

Kerala Lamb Meals(DF, GF) £8.99

Keema Curry Thali £8.99

Prawn Curry Thali(DF, GF) £9.99


Chutney £0.99

Raitha(V, GF) £1.50

Pickles / Dips / Sauces £0.75

Pappadom Basket(V, DF, GF) £1.99

Chutney Set £1.99

Yoghurt(V, GF) £0.99

Chips(V, DF, GF) £2.49

Masala Chips(V, DF, GF) £2.99


Gulab Jamun (2pcs) £3.99

(sweet milk powder dumplings)

Gulab with Ice-cream £3.99

Payasam(V, DF, GF) £4.99

Pazhampori with vegan Ice-cream(V, DF, GF) £4.99

Indian Kulfi £3.99

Vegan Ice-cream £3.99

Drinks Menu

Draught Beer

Cobra(½ Pint) £2.99

Cobra (Pint) £4.29

Kingfisher(½ Pint) £2.99

Kingfisher(Pint) £4.29

Bottled Beer & Cider

King Cobra (750ml) £9.99

Corona (330ml) £3.49

Peroni (330ml) £3.49

Cobra (Zero) £3.99

Peacock Mango / Lime £5.49

Magners (500ml) £4.99

Craft Beer (330ml)

Bombay Blonde £3.49

Bombay IPA £3.49

London Lager £3.49

Daas Witte / Daas Blond (Gluten Free) £3.49

Red Wine

Garnacha 'Doblez' (Spain)- Vegan £15.95

Lots of red berry fruit flavours with a subtle touch of spice

Syrah 'Parra' (France) - Vegan £16.95

An easy-drinking red, fresh and fruity with attractive cherry notes and balanced tannins

Cabernet Sauvignon 'Pure Terroir' (France) - Vegan £19.95

A nice oaky nose and hints of sweet vanilla. Soft, minty and very accessible.

Merlot La Marouette (France) - Vegan £18.99

Delightful plummy character, with touches of damsons, violets and spicy fruit.

Shiraz-Merlot 'Moonlight Organics' (South Africa) - Vegan £16.99

Ripe raspberry flavours, gentle tannins and pepper/cinnamon notes.

Malbec Reserve 'Running Duck' (South Africa) - Vegan £23.95

A deep-coloured, full-fruited red with ripe berry and violet notes.

Sparkling Wine

Prosecco Frizzante 'Bacaretto', Perlage (Italy) - Vegan £7.95

Fresh, friendly with good balance and pleasing apple and grape flavours. (200ml)

Sparkling 'Finca Fabian' (Spain) - Vegan £22.99

Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry 'Era' DOC (Italy) - Vegan £25.99

Very well-balanced sparkling vegan prosecco that’s delicately fruity with a gently aromatic bouquet.

Champagne Brut 'Carte d'Or' (France) - Vegan £49.99

Classic style champagne with a rich golden colour – full of fizz and zesty fruit with a hint of apples

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Coke / Diet Coke (per Glass) £1.75

Pepsi / Diet Pepsi (per Glass) £1.50

Fanta / 7up (per Glass) £1.50

Rubicon (Sparkling) (per Glass) £1.75

Ginger Beer (Per Bottle) £2.99

Appletiser (Per Bottle) £2.99

J2O (Per Bottle) £2.50

Bottle Water £1.50

Sparkling Water £1.75

Tonic Water £1.99

Mocktails & Soft Drinks

Cool Thunder (Vegan & Gluten free) Per Glass £3.90

Fresh Lime/lemon, mint leaves, basil seeds & ginger

Cool Thunder (Vegan & Gluten free) Per Jug £12.99

Fresh Lime/lemon, mint leaves, basil seeds & ginger

Naranga Vellom (Vegan & Gluten free) Per Glass £2.99

Traditional fresh juice made with Lime/lemon & ginger

Naranga Vellom (Vegan & Gluten free) Per Jug £10.99

Traditional fresh juice made with Lime/lemon & ginger

Sparkling Naranga Vellom (Vegan & Gluten free) Per Glass £3.49

Traditional fresh Lime/lemon juice made with ginger & soda

Sparkling Naranga Vellom (Vegan & Gluten free) Per Jug £11.99

Traditional fresh Lime/lemon juice made with ginger & soda

Sambharam (Zero Sugar & Spicy) Per Glass £2.99

Yoghurt, curry leaves, green chilly & Onion. A Kerala Special

Mango Lassi Per Glass £2.99

Mango Lassi Per Jug £9.99

Sweet Lassi / Salt Lassi Per Glass £2.75

Sweet Lassi / Salt Lassi Per Jug £9.50

Mango Juice / Apple Juice / Orange Juice Per Glass £1.90

Tea / Coffee

Coffee (Per Cup) £1.99

Coffee (Per Pot) £6.99

Tea (Per Cup) £1.80

Tea (Per Pot) £6.50

Indian Chai (Per Cup) £2.49

Indian Chai(Per Pot) £8.99

Indian Coffee (Per Cup) £2.75

Indian Coffee (Per Pot) £9.99

Masala Chai (Per Cup) £2.99

Masala Chai(Per Pot) £11

White Wine

Sauvignon Blanc-Moscatel 'Camino' (Spain) - Vegan £15.95

An easy drinking crisp white with delicate flower and anise aromas.

Flos de Pinoso Blanc (Spain) - Vegan £16.95

An easy drinking crisp white with delicate floral and spiced anise aromas

Pinot Grigio Perlage (Italy) - Vegan £19.95

Slightly off-dry but impeccably smooth with delicious summer fruit flavours

Chenin Blanc ‘Moonlight Organics’ (South Africa) - Vegan £17.95

Lighter bodied, with a delicate floral and slightly honeyed nose, nicely balanced fruit and a soft, rounded finish.

Riesling Kabinett Trocken, Stefan Sander(Germany) - Vegan £24.95

Dry and fairly light with gorgeous tropical fruit, limey acidity and a refreshing spritz

Rose Wine

Rosado 'Finca Fabian' (Spain) - Vegan £14.95

A dry and direct rosé, with charming red cherry and strawberry aromas, good fruit flavours and balanced acidity

Rosé 'Moonlight Organics'(South Africa) - Vegan £16.95

Solid, dry and refreshing rosé with characteristic spicy hints.

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